After 35 years of public health research, I now paint and write about art in Portland Maine. Art and science have always been like two sides of a coin to me– in both of them I get to explore, experiment, and learn. During the exploring part I get lost from time to time and while this used to make me nervous, I’ve found, with age, that the more I wander, the more I  discover. I see more possibilities, try more experiments, and find new ways of working. This website shows what I’ve come up with.


Discover Her Art: Women Artists and their Masterpieces, my book with Lisa Rogers, has gone into its second printing and looks even more beautiful! Read about it at the Book tab.

Recent landscapes are available through Elizabeth Moss Galleries

With artists Kelly Carmody and Leo Mancini-Hresko:  Launch party for my book and Leo’s MAKO line of art supplies, plus art by Kelly and the late Shirley Pulido  at Waltham Mills, Waltham MA. December 4, 2022.

Parsonage Gallery, Searsport ME. December 3, 2022-January 30, 2023. Holiday show participating artist. 

“TWIST” – Gallery Show, July 29-September 3.
Nudes and Bras. My bra drawings with nudes by the late and great Arnold Skolnick. Elizabeth Moss Galleries

Learn more about why I wrote Discover Her Art and what I hope you’ll get from it at https://blog.authorpods.com/discover-their-and-her-art/. Thank you to the brilliant Elizabeth Wilcox for writing about it.


Please message me through Instagram about purchases and commissions.

—December 2022