My main interests right now are with how light and dark build form and emptiness in a picture, and how forms end and merge into the spaces around them. As a realist painter, I focus on specific forms rather than abstract or general ones, including portraits, places I love, and objects I relate to. Working outdoors or in the studio, I use traditional methods to craft drawings and oil paintings that I hope give viewers something to think about. Maine’s coast, with its cool light, rough beaches, working waterfronts and earthy palette gives me year round inspiration. If I can hear seagulls, I’m happy.

In addition to being a painter I work in research and evaluation, helping nonprofits translate science into programs that benefit children and vulnerable populations. I think a great value of both art and science is that they each lead to transformation in their own ways.

My artwork is currently with Casco Bay Artisans in Portland ME. For portrait inquiries, please contact me directly.

April 2019

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